The Holiday season is right around the corner and it is the right time to start planning your rooftop proposal in New York. We got this question a lot “Do you still plan proposal on the rooftops in winter?” and the answer is ” YES, of course’
Winter or summer, rain or shine, our private rooftops are booking year-round. 
So, what are the winter proposal options and how we can help you?
  1. The holiday season is very beautiful, but also very crowded. You literally can’t walk around the city as it is flooded with tourists and guests. So if you don’t want to have tons of people around you, our private rooftops will be at your service. The venues are absolutely private and there won’t be any other people except you two.
  2. Is it cold in New York in winter? Yes, it is, as anywhere else in winter. So when you are planning a rooftop proposal, consider the weather and dress accordingly.  Make sure your partner dressed warmly as well or take an extra sweater with you and give it to her later. If you want to be on the safe side, consider renting rooftop with the inside room ( we have 4 available on our website) or add the fleece blanket to your proposal ( you can choose it from the extras)
  3. Want to propose by the tree, but don’t want to deal with the crowds. We can help. This year for the first time we are offering Christmas Tree and Private rooftop package. We will place a tree on the rooftop with the decorations of your choice, so when you walk into the rooftop you will see a beautiful tree and the city skyline on your background.
  4. Penthouse rental might be a great option.  You can propose in style and spend the night there. Especially if you have a large family or friends that you want to invite for your proposal, this option will give you the opportunity to have a large suite for yourself and say inside.
  5. Add music. It is the time of the year when you can hear music almost everywhere, so bring that holiday spirit into your engagement. It can be a romantic violin or a group of caroling, performing your favorite Christmas songs. It really makes the difference and sets a romantic mood for the evening.
Winter rooftop proposals are always fun and exciting, as there is something magical in viewing the city from above. If you are planning to propose this upcoming season, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the unforgettable rooftop proposal experience.

Its finally winter in the city and the holidays season is at its bloom. With the weather change and snow on its way, rooftops might not looks like a good choice, but hold on. Here is our top 5 winter rooftop proposal ideas:

Winter rooftop proposal NYC

  1. Rooftop with the fireplace.  That is probably the most romantic way to pop the question. City lights, cool wind and hot flames will definitely make a magic combination together. Propose on the terrace outside and enjoy glasses of champagne  by the fire.
  2. Make a double surprise for her. Tell her that you going to the new bar and bring her to the rooftop. Propose with the Empire State at your background. After she said “yes” tell her that you going to the restaurant for the celebration, but instead take the elevator one flight down and surprise her with friends and family gathering. Perfect winter proposal with the family!
  3. Its a scavenger hunt season.  You can include your friends for this proposal idea. Sign up for the scavenger hunt or make your own. Leave the clues and answers all around the city. Let the last one be the address of a private terrace. Propose with the view and let her wonder how you organize all that .
  4. Gallery show opening. Official  invitation to the new gallery opening will lead to the private space with the pictures of you two. Candles will show you the way, Make a walk through the relationship and propose on a terrace overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Perfect indoor and outdoor proposal idea.
  5. Rent a penthouse suite with the private terrace and chief. Little fancy holiday proposal idea will bring you to the luxury hotel in the middle of Manhattan. As soon as you open the door to your suite, you will see candles and rose petals all around the room. Follow the rose path to the terrace, where the fireplace will set up and a chill champagne will be waiting for you. Get on one knee and ask the main question. Bring the celebration to your room. The private chief will be cooking your favorite food and you can just enjoy the time with your love. This is just some of the proposal ideas that can be done on a rooftop during the winter time.  Of course there is always a chance of snow, but believe us, there is nothing more romantic then staying up on a rooftop with your partner under the snow and enjoy the beauty of the city.