Best proposal ideas for 2020 season

Best proposal ideas for 2020 season


And just like that, the new decade has started and with it new proposal trends and ideas. Unlike a wedding, there are no particular proposal trends, but we felt that last year was all about a rooftop proposal and gigantic marry me sign, this year already looks a little different.  There are no common proposal ideas you can do, which will fit every couple and even if there is the same idea its always done differently as every couple is different and special. So what are the proposal ideas you can see this year?

Themed proposals

This year brings back old but not forgotten ‘ roaring twenties’ themes to the wedding industry and we absolutely can see it at the proposals as well. The private rooftop proposal in NYC is the perfect place for a ‘Great Gatsby’ theme proposal. Old New York, jazz and speakeasy bars were so iconic for that historic period that we were really excited to bring it back. For example, one of the private proposal ideas can be a speakeasy bar cover. If you are traveling to New York you can tell your partner that you found this trendy speakeasy bar in a city and you want to visit it. On a proposal day, when you arrive at the building, our person will meet you on the floor and ask the name of the reservation and bring you to the private rooftop. When you open the door to the terrace you will see a jazz band playing your favorite song and table for two made especially for you. You propose and enjoy your proposal with music and the breath-taking view.

Vintage Car 

This goes along with the themed ‘ roaring twenties’ proposals. Imagine driving around New York iconic locations on a vintage car, crossing the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge and getting off in Dumbo, Brooklyn where you propose with the whole Manhattan on your background. A vintage car ride can be a perfect addition to any proposal package or it can be the main engagement idea. When you thinking of where to propose in NYC, you can see that some picturesque places located further away than the regular tourists walk and you absolutely will need to take a car to go there. Why not take a vintage car and add that chic element into your special day. The most popular New York proposal spots will be in Dumbo, Brooklyn or Gantry Plaza State Park or Wave Hill Park. Those parks are absolutely gorgeous and worth an hour drive, so why not enjoy your ride on a vintage car as well.

Double Surprise

Another great NYC proposal ideas will be proposing with a family. But instead of them being present during the proposal moment, ask the family to arrive 10-15 minutes later and surprise your partner with the unexpected visit. We truly believe that marriage proposal should be personal and just for the couple and after the “yes” it is a great time for celebration and that’s when the family comes in. Private rooftop proposal NYC is a perfect place for a double surprise. Just imagine proposing on a rooftop with the amazing view and when the family comes over you can pop the champagne bottle and have a celebratory toast altogether admiring the city views.

Go Green 

When you think of the private places to propose in NYC take into consideration rooftop gardens. This is a very unique venue and if you are looking for a romantic location, this is definitely your go-to option. Another way of going green will be using eco-friendly materials for your proposal. Instead of fake rose petals order the real roses, substitute confetti and balloons with candles and pictures and donate the flowers that were left after your engagement to the local hospital or a school.  Usually, when people think of how to propose in NYC they don’t think about eco-friendly proposals but wouldn’t it be great if you can surprise your partner with the marriage proposal, but also be kind to the planet.

Penthouse proposal

This is a new trend for the 2020 proposals. Couples not only want to propose on a private rooftop in New York, but they also want a luxury penthouse with the city view. You can spend a night at the penthouse or simply rent it for your engagement. Usually, there is a huge terrace overlooking the Manhattan skyline and lots of space, so that you can invite your friends and family over. New York rooftop proposal is a perfect way to surprise your partner with the surprise of a lifetime. New York is famous for its luxury venues and modern couples are ready to pay for it. You can also include a personal video message to your partner. It can be a slide show of your pictures or actual video playing on the tv.

Surprise Photography 

There is no doubt that you need to have a photographer and videographer at your proposal. With the rise of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, couples don’t want to wait for 3 weeks in order to get their pictures, they want it within 24 hours otherwise it’s already old news. Also, they want to have a high-quality glam looking pictures and for all that you need to have a photographer. For professional proposal photography, New York is a perfect place for styled pictures and themed engagement sessions. It is also new to have an engagement session right after the proposal. Without waiting for weeks, couples acting fast and hiring the photographer for an extra hour to walk around the city and pose for the save the date invitations.


The best proposal idea is the one that has personal elements in it. If your partner loves sailing, rent a private sailing boat and propose on the ride. If your partner loves peonies, make sure you have peonies for your private rooftop proposal in New York City. It is also a great idea to personalize your engagement box and the ring. You can put your initials on the ring or engrave a personal message that only your partner will know about. Also, don’t forget about the customized t-shirts, which can be a great after proposal surprise.

If you planning to propose this year and not sure where to start, contact us directly at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.