Best proposal ideas for 2020 season


And just like that, the new decade has started and with it new proposal trends and ideas. Unlike a wedding, there are no particular proposal trends, but we felt that last year was all about a rooftop proposal and gigantic marry me sign, this year already looks a little different.  There are no common proposal ideas you can do, which will fit every couple and even if there is the same idea its always done differently as every couple is different and special. So what are the proposal ideas you can see this year?

Themed proposals

This year brings back old but not forgotten ‘ roaring twenties’ themes to the wedding industry and we absolutely can see it at the proposals as well. The private rooftop proposal in NYC is the perfect place for a ‘Great Gatsby’ theme proposal. Old New York, jazz and speakeasy bars were so iconic for that historic period that we were really excited to bring it back. For example, one of the private proposal ideas can be a speakeasy bar cover. If you are traveling to New York you can tell your partner that you found this trendy speakeasy bar in a city and you want to visit it. On a proposal day, when you arrive at the building, our person will meet you on the floor and ask the name of the reservation and bring you to the private rooftop. When you open the door to the terrace you will see a jazz band playing your favorite song and table for two made especially for you. You propose and enjoy your proposal with music and the breath-taking view.

Vintage Car 

This goes along with the themed ‘ roaring twenties’ proposals. Imagine driving around New York iconic locations on a vintage car, crossing the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge and getting off in Dumbo, Brooklyn where you propose with the whole Manhattan on your background. A vintage car ride can be a perfect addition to any proposal package or it can be the main engagement idea. When you thinking of where to propose in NYC, you can see that some picturesque places located further away than the regular tourists walk and you absolutely will need to take a car to go there. Why not take a vintage car and add that chic element into your special day. The most popular New York proposal spots will be in Dumbo, Brooklyn or Gantry Plaza State Park or Wave Hill Park. Those parks are absolutely gorgeous and worth an hour drive, so why not enjoy your ride on a vintage car as well.

Double Surprise

Another great NYC proposal ideas will be proposing with a family. But instead of them being present during the proposal moment, ask the family to arrive 10-15 minutes later and surprise your partner with the unexpected visit. We truly believe that marriage proposal should be personal and just for the couple and after the “yes” it is a great time for celebration and that’s when the family comes in. Private rooftop proposal NYC is a perfect place for a double surprise. Just imagine proposing on a rooftop with the amazing view and when the family comes over you can pop the champagne bottle and have a celebratory toast altogether admiring the city views.

Go Green 

When you think of the private places to propose in NYC take into consideration rooftop gardens. This is a very unique venue and if you are looking for a romantic location, this is definitely your go-to option. Another way of going green will be using eco-friendly materials for your proposal. Instead of fake rose petals order the real roses, substitute confetti and balloons with candles and pictures and donate the flowers that were left after your engagement to the local hospital or a school.  Usually, when people think of how to propose in NYC they don’t think about eco-friendly proposals but wouldn’t it be great if you can surprise your partner with the marriage proposal, but also be kind to the planet.

Penthouse proposal

This is a new trend for the 2020 proposals. Couples not only want to propose on a private rooftop in New York, but they also want a luxury penthouse with the city view. You can spend a night at the penthouse or simply rent it for your engagement. Usually, there is a huge terrace overlooking the Manhattan skyline and lots of space, so that you can invite your friends and family over. New York rooftop proposal is a perfect way to surprise your partner with the surprise of a lifetime. New York is famous for its luxury venues and modern couples are ready to pay for it. You can also include a personal video message to your partner. It can be a slide show of your pictures or actual video playing on the tv.

Surprise Photography 

There is no doubt that you need to have a photographer and videographer at your proposal. With the rise of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, couples don’t want to wait for 3 weeks in order to get their pictures, they want it within 24 hours otherwise it’s already old news. Also, they want to have a high-quality glam looking pictures and for all that you need to have a photographer. For professional proposal photography, New York is a perfect place for styled pictures and themed engagement sessions. It is also new to have an engagement session right after the proposal. Without waiting for weeks, couples acting fast and hiring the photographer for an extra hour to walk around the city and pose for the save the date invitations.


The best proposal idea is the one that has personal elements in it. If your partner loves sailing, rent a private sailing boat and propose on the ride. If your partner loves peonies, make sure you have peonies for your private rooftop proposal in New York City. It is also a great idea to personalize your engagement box and the ring. You can put your initials on the ring or engrave a personal message that only your partner will know about. Also, don’t forget about the customized t-shirts, which can be a great after proposal surprise.

If you planning to propose this year and not sure where to start, contact us directly at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

The Holiday season is right around the corner and it is the right time to start planning your rooftop proposal in New York. We got this question a lot “Do you still plan proposal on the rooftops in winter?” and the answer is ” YES, of course’
Winter or summer, rain or shine, our private rooftops are booking year-round. 
So, what are the winter proposal options and how we can help you?
  1. The holiday season is very beautiful, but also very crowded. You literally can’t walk around the city as it is flooded with tourists and guests. So if you don’t want to have tons of people around you, our private rooftops will be at your service. The venues are absolutely private and there won’t be any other people except you two.
  2. Is it cold in New York in winter? Yes, it is, as anywhere else in winter. So when you are planning a rooftop proposal, consider the weather and dress accordingly.  Make sure your partner dressed warmly as well or take an extra sweater with you and give it to her later. If you want to be on the safe side, consider renting rooftop with the inside room ( we have 4 available on our website) or add the fleece blanket to your proposal ( you can choose it from the extras)
  3. Want to propose by the tree, but don’t want to deal with the crowds. We can help. This year for the first time we are offering Christmas Tree and Private rooftop package. We will place a tree on the rooftop with the decorations of your choice, so when you walk into the rooftop you will see a beautiful tree and the city skyline on your background.
  4. Penthouse rental might be a great option.  You can propose in style and spend the night there. Especially if you have a large family or friends that you want to invite for your proposal, this option will give you the opportunity to have a large suite for yourself and say inside.
  5. Add music. It is the time of the year when you can hear music almost everywhere, so bring that holiday spirit into your engagement. It can be a romantic violin or a group of caroling, performing your favorite Christmas songs. It really makes the difference and sets a romantic mood for the evening.
Winter rooftop proposals are always fun and exciting, as there is something magical in viewing the city from above. If you are planning to propose this upcoming season, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the unforgettable rooftop proposal experience.

Fall Rooftop Proposal Ideas in NYC.

The hot summer is over and now its time for the most golden season in the city. Fall is New York is absolutely beautiful and if you planning to pop the question, this is definitely the best time. Things you need to  remeber  for the fall rooftop proposals:

It is still very warm during the day, so consider to do a brunch proposal. Beautiful city view and a glass of champagne will be a perfect post-proposal celebration. Plus, most of the rooftops has a special daytime rates that are lower than the evening one. Use  fall flowers for decorations to enrich the experience.

  1. Sunset time is much eariler during the fall months, so do your plans accordingly and instead of 8pm, rent a space earlier.
  2. Look for a rooftop that has an inside room, in case of bad weather. Fall months are famous for rain, so better take a space that can privide a cover in case you need it.
  3. Add seasonal touches. Use fall flowers and pumpkins for the rooftop decoration. It will be fun and add some colors to your engagement.
  4. Dont forget that the best views to the city are from the opposite sides. So consider Brooklyn, Greenpoint or NJ rooftop locations for a stunning Mnahttan skyline views.
  5. Add some ride into a proposal. You can add a vintage car tour and enjoy the ride around the city to the rooftop. Choose the iconic locations and adore the beautiful fall scenery.
  6. Hire a photographer. It is always a great idea to have propofessional photographer on site, so that you can preserve the moment forever. And she definitely will be happy to post those pictures on Instagram.
  7. Do a movie night. Set up a projector with warm blankets and hot chocolate on a rooftop. Perfect proposal idea and best use of the seasonal weather.
  8. Dress up warm. It might be cold in the evening and most of the rooftops are open spaces, so it might be very windy. Encourage your partner to dress up or ask your vendor for the warm blankets.
  9. Have fun. This is one of the most important days in your life, so have fun and enjoy it to the fullest. Let your proposal planner to take care of all the preparations and logistics.
We are very excited to step into a new season with the golden leaves and cool winds. We are hoping you find those tips useful and if you planning to propose this season, contact us now and our experienced team wil help you to create the most unforgetable marriage experience.

Proposal Planner – Tatiana Caicedo
This summer we learned that size does matter and if you really want to get that ‘WOW” factor, the 3 feet tall Marry Me sign is definitely the way to go. Here is all you need to know about the gigantic marquee sign.


1. ‘ Wow’ factor guaranteed 
This sign is absolutely amazing.  You just can’t miss it and it is the first thing you will see when you enter the rooftop.
2. You don’t need any other decorations 
This sign looks great on its own and doesn’t require any other props or decorations. So you are actually saving money on a design by ordering only one thing, instead of may others.
3. You can use it at night 
This sign has the lights that are glowing at night, so it is perfect for both daytime and night time proposals. Also, great idea to use it on sunset when you don’t need the lights first, but can turn them on after it gets dar and gets an absolutely different feeling.
4. Looks great on the pictures 
This is a perfect backdrop for the pictures. You can pose by the sign or sit on the letters, in any case, the pictures will look great and catchy.
5. It transforms the place
Even if you want to propose on your own rooftop, where you and your partner watch the sunset 100 times, the place will look absolutely different with the decorations. It completely transforms the ordinary place into something new and fresh.
6. Availability 
We own the sign, so it can be delivered and installed within the hours. You don’t need to plan it months ahead and stress out if it will be delivered on time. If you are in NY, we will deliver it as soon as you request it.


1. Size 
It is a big sign and it is heavy, so it might not fit on your backyard or your building rooftop. That is why we are suggesting to use our private rooftops as we know the venues and we know where it gonna fit and how to transport it.
2. Outlets 
The sign requires the electric outlets, so if you planning to use it at your space/ home make sure you keep it in mind, otherwise, again we will recommend using our private venues, that are equipped with everything you need.
3. Photography 
You need to have a photographer who will know how to photograph the broad picture. The sign is big and broad and with the wrong equipment, you will never get the whole picture in one frame. So use our professional photographer, who knows how to deliver the best results and which equipment to use in order to get that killer shot.
4. Delivery 
If you renting a big sign from the rental companies, they most likely will charge you the shipping fee plus there should be at least 2-3 people on sight who will deliver the boxes to the rooftop/ other location. And it will cost you at least $400 extra. We don’t charge that fee as we own the sign and deliver it ourselves.
If you planning to propose this season and know that your girlfriend would love to have an extravagant marriage proposal, look no further. Contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to plan and organize the most amazing day of your life.

The rooftop season is officially at its bloom and this is the busiest time for the rooftop bars and restaurants in the city. We have this question a lot, why should I rent a private rooftop if I can propose at the rooftop bar with no cost. So here are some pros and cons of the rooftop bar proposals.


1. Location
That is true that most popular restaurants and bars have prime locations. You can enjoy a stunning view, crafty cocktails, and hip ambulance. The most popular bars even offers a private dining room for a small group, where you can have your private space and enjoy a nice dinner with your friends.
2. Food and drinks
Probably the main “pros” of the public rooftop proposal will be the fact that they served food and drinks and you can celebrate with the delicious meal after the proposal. You can also surprise your partner with the desert proposal, that will be unexpected and fun.
3. People
Usually, for the public rooftops, there is no guest minimum, so you can invite all your friends and family for the celebration. The bar can close half of the area for your party, where you can mingle and share the proposal story.
4. No time limit
When you proposing at the rooftop restaurant or bar, there no strict time limit for your celebration. The party can stay as long as they want and you can always leave early or later. Unlike, the private rooftops that have an hour rooftop rental.
5. Cost
Most of the bars are asking to buy food and drinks for the party, but won’t charge you the rooftop rental cost. This might save you a couple of bucks, but keep in mind that with the drinks and food, taxes and tips its probably will be the same price.


1. Privacy
It goes without saying that when you proposing on a public rooftop there is no privacy there at all. Most likely the other bar guests will be sitting around with their phones pointed at you. When you choosing a private rooftop, it is only you two and maybe close family members. But there won’t be any strangers recording you on their phones or making comments about your proposal. On a private rooftop, you will have a more intimate, special moment that you and your partner will remember for years.
2. Individuality
When you choosing a bar or restaurant rooftop you can not do what you want there. Space won’t allow you to decorate the area or remove the furniture from the terrace. When you proposing on a private rooftop you can be as creative as you want to be. There are no limits on your individuality. You can decorate the area with her favorite flowers, or cover the floor in rose petals and candles. Unfortunately, with the public rooftop, you will have to take the roof as it is, without any personal touch.
3. Food and Drinks
You can bring your food and drinks on a private rooftop as space won’t charge you extra for that. Maybe your mom is a great cook or you have a special champagne bottle you want to open on your big day. The bar’s rooftops won’t allow you to bring outside alcohol and food or will charge you extra for that. It has to do with the restaurant health department violations and responsibilities. Plus, this is the main reason why they will rent you a space for free so that they can make a profit on the food and drinks.
4. Photography
If you planning to hire a photographer to document your special day, you definitely need a private space. As I mentioned earlier, the public space won’t clear the furniture and you will end up proposing between the chairs, which is not looking great on pictures. Plus, people around you might be intimidating and you and your partner won’t be able to relax and pose for the photographer.
When on a private rooftop, space is more cleared and decorated in order to provide good scenery for the pictures. Since it’s only you two and a photographer, you will feel freer to pose and look silly on a picture.
5. Emotions
Marriage Proposal is definitely a big step in any relations and it is absolutely normal when one of the partners cry and shows his emotions. It is personal and sentimental and you want to feel free to express yourself at that moment. Private space gives you that opportunity. No one will shame you for crying, or make your pictures and post it online. To my mind this is one of the most important aspects of a marriage proposal, to be free to express your feelings. And for that, you absolutely need to have a private rooftop.
We hope you find our ” pros” and “cons” helpful and in no matter what you decided to do, our experienced team if here to help you out. We love our private rooftop proposals and we are looking forward to creating an unforgettable marriage experience for you and your partner.
Please contact us now at and let’s start planning.
The view is always playing an important role in the planning of the perfect proposal. New York is famous for its breath-taking skyscrapers scenery and sometimes you might be living in a building which has an outstanding terrace. So, how could you plan a proposal there?
  • First of all, you need to make sure you can secure the space for your event. Usually, the building manager is responsible for this kind of thing, so contact him first. You need to find out if you can have a rooftop private just for you two or at least close some part of the terrace. We recently had a proposal on a rooftop, where building tenants were sunbathing while we had a marriage proposal. It was not romantic, but little intimidating. So make sure you can have the place for yourself or if not consider renting a private rooftop ( we have around 10 beautiful private spaces in the city, which is completely private and has a stunning view)
  • After you secure the space make sure that it will be cleaned and if it has any furniture on a rooftop it will be taken away. You don’t want to propose between the chairs or next to the trash bin, so just make a note for the person in charge. It is important as it will help to navigate the mood of the event. When we do proposals on our private rooftops, we make sure that space is clean and presentable, this is the day she will remember forever, make sure it’s worth it.
  • Now when we have a clean private rooftop its time to think of decorations. She has probably been on this rooftop so many times and saw the view so you won’t surprise with that. The best option to make a familiar place to look new and interesting is to place some outstanding decorations. We would recommend the gigantic ” Marry Me?” sign, it will bring that ” wow” factor. Also for the summer proposals use more flowers as it will bring more colors to the picture.
  • Cover. So this is probably the hardest part as you need to convince your partner to dress up nicely and come to the rooftop. Also, it needs to be a surprise, so you need to come up with something believable. The best way will be to ask the building management to send you the ” tenants meeting” email. So that she will think it is mandatory to show up and it won’t bring any suspicious.
  •  Photographer. After you did all the preparations you need to be sure the event will be well documented. The professional photographer will make sure that you will have the pictures you will be proud to show. Our talented photographer is doing the paparazzi style pictures at first, so she doesn’t know there is someone else on a rooftop and after you get on one knee he will come closer and do more obvious pictures. Stunning pictures guaranteed.
We hope you will find this information useful, but keep in mind that if you proposing on your rooftop you are responsible for the logistics of the event. it might be stressful and time-consuming so we would recommend you to consider the private rooftop rental, where all you need to do is just to show up and enjoy the moment. If you planning to propose this summer and don’t know where to start, contact us now at or call  +1(929) 376-9736
and our experienced team will help you to create the unforgettable marriage experience.

Summer is almost here and its hight time to start planning your unforgettable engagement. New York is always a perfect destination for a surprise proposal and what can be better than to share this city experience with your family. In general, friends and family are always hard to keep the surprise, because they are all very excited about the new family creation, but they also the best company you can ask for. So how can you propose on a private rooftop and incorporate the family into it?

  • Let them have a family trip and make a surprise appearance.   This is our most favorite type of proposal when the family is having a scheduled trip to New York and doing all of the touristic activities. And after a full day of sightseeing, they are going to the rooftop bar to see the Empire State Building. They entering a rooftop and instead of the bar, there is a beautifully decorated space with candles and flowers appeared. And that’s when you propose. From our experience, the girl is always in shock and can’t believe her family was playing along the whole time. And, of course, its always fun to celebrate the engagement altogether, sharing the planning stories while drinking the champagne.
  • Incorporate family into the proposal. This is perfect when you live in a city and your whole family lives nearby. Tell your partner that you going for a fancy dinner date and bring her to the rooftop. When she enters the terrace, she will see her whole family holding the ” WILL YOU MARRY ME?” sign. It is a very sweet and emotional proposal. Don’t forget to have a professional photographer, who will do a killer pictures on this special occasion.


  • Do a scavenger hunt. This is our favorite spring activity and its very fun to do it with the family. We make a scavenger hunt based on your relationship and at every spot, she will meet her family member who will give her the next clue. The last clue will bring her to the rooftop, where all her family will be waiting for her. This is a very thoughtful and fun way to give her the quality family time and at the same time to have a memorable time altogether.


  • Livestream. In the age of high technology, it is very easy to connect with people from all over the world by the internet. You might want to have an intimate and very private moment with your partner, but at the same time you know she would love to share it with her family. Imagine proposing on a private rooftop with the best view you can only imagine and live stream it to her family.  We set the youtube account for you in advance, so that you can share the link with the family. At the pre-arranged time we will translate the video live to the account so that all her family can witness the magic from their homes.


  • Use a family event as a cover. Probably the easiest way to gather all the family members in one place and not make it look suspicious is by using the ” Family Reunion”, ” Wedding Anniversary” or any family activity as a cover. Just imagine, when she will be planning her parent’s wedding anniversary evening, you plan your surprise engagement. You can even go venue shopping together and she won’t have any clue that there is something planned for her. So, on one of those ” venue stops,’ you bring her to the private rooftop, where flowers and candles will be placed and you propose with the city view on your background. Unforgettable surprise guaranteed!


If you are planning to propose on a rooftop in New York, but don’t know where to start, contact us directly at or +1(929) 376-9736 and we will help you to choose the right venue and make your proposal unforgettable.



Summer is finally here and the rooftop season is officially open. As most of the couples are looking for a nighttime proposal, we would like to discuss the advantages of making a daytime proposal.
1. Surprise
She definitely won’t suspect anything if you invite her for a brunch date. Most of the girls expecting the ring at or after dinner, so brunch won’t be suspicious.
2. Flowers
Daytime proposals are perfect for amazing flowers decorations. You can decorate the rooftop with her favorite flowers or we can create a wonderful flower wall or even flower “marry me?” sign. Just imagine sun, flowers, rooftop and you two enjoying the view.
3. View
You can actually enjoy the view. Unlike the nighttime proposals, during the day you can actually see the city and enjoy its vivid colors.
4. Photo and Video
Pictures and video are much better during the day then at night. So the pictures from the daytime proposal will be more colorful and have vivid colors.
5. Time
Proposing during the day you automatically saving time for a dinner celebration. The ideal time to invite her friends and family. She would be glad to know that you plan everything so thoughtfully.
6. Availability
Rooftops are more available during the day as most of the people looking for a nigh view. Its perfect opportunity to choose from the best places that you liked.
7. Price
Most of the private rooftops lower the prices for a day proposals, so its a perfect way to save some money.
Daytime proposals are the perfect way to start a day and make that day unforgettable. With the warm summer, private space, amazing view, and chill champagne, your daytime proposal will be something she wouldn’t forget.
We are excited to offer you 4 breathtaking rooftops that will be ideal for a daytime proposal. If you planning your proposal and don’t know where to start, contact us know and we will be happy to help you out. Our experienced team is here to make your engagement unforgettable and stress-free
Spring is finally here and it is the perfect time for a breathtaking engagement. It is the time, when the days are getting longer and warmer and everything around is getting full of life and love.
So how to use this season for a romantic proposal?
1. Invite her to a romantic picnic
There is something unforgettable in the private picnic on a rooftop with the view that will take her breath away.  Close her eyes and bring her to the secret location. When the elevator doors open up you can take the blinder away she will see the picnic table with your pictures on it and a “Marry me?” sign next to it. Enjoy the moment and your picnic.
2. Easter Eggs Scavenger Hunt
This is a wonderful opportunity to show your creativity and surprise your partner. Write a ” Will you Marry Me?” note in one of the eggs and let her find it. She will be caught off guard and definitely appreciate your cleaver proposal. What to do it on a rooftop? Even better. We can decorate the area with the baskets and eggs, all you will have to do it to walk in and propose.
3. Painting Class
Tell her that you bought a private painting class for two. She will think that its a date night and wont suspect anything. While you both paint the same picture, you add ” Will You Marry Me?” on yours and we setting up the outdoor area behind her back. When the time will come, show her your art work and get on one knee. After affirmative “Yes!” take her hand and bring her to the rooftop, where candles and champagne will be waiting for you.
4. Cherry Blossom Festival
Yes, Spring is famous everywhere with its gorgeous cherry blossoms. Invite your partner for a romantic walk and propose under the tree. Want to incorporate the idea for the rooftop? We can set up the place with life orchards, so when you walk in the sweet aroma of the blossoming flowers will please your senses.
5. Invite your partner for the astronomy night.
Who knew, but spring time is famous for its meteor showers. Invite your partner for an astronomy night. When you walk into the rooftop, you will see the telescope and comfortable pillows with the ice bucket and champagne. Enjoy the starry night and ask her to be your wife on the falling star.
We hope our spring ideas inspired you and you ready to make your unforgettable proposal. The main thing, keep it in a secret, dont stress out, enjoy the process, hire your photographer.
If you have any questions or comments please email us directly, we would like to hear back from you.

Rooftop proposal on valentines day

Valentines Day is just a couple day away, so we decided to share with you some love tips on how to pop the question on a rooftop on that special day.
1. Fashion Event
It’s not a secret, girls expect a special present on this day, so you really need to play it right on V Day. Luckily, it’s also a fashion week in New York on those days, so you can use it as a cover. Tell her that there were this “free tickets to the runaway” at your work and if she wants to go you can get them. We promise she will say ” yes” to that offer.
When you will arrive at the “fashion show” the front desk person will suggest you to check the terrace view and that’s where the magic will happen. Candles and Empire State Building will be at its beauty as you get on one knee and declare your love.
2. Dinner Date
Yes, she will expect you to book a nice restaurant and have a romantic dinner. So why ruin the expectations? Tell her week ahead that you got a table at that nice restaurant so that she won’t have any plans for that evening. Bring her to the rooftop, where the heart of the rose will be waiting for her. Get on one knee inside the heart and pop the bottle with the best view you can ask. ” Yes” guaranteed.
3. Add some mystery
Send her flowers to work with the love note and the address. When she will arrive, the elevator doors will open right on a rooftop, where candles and rose petals will make the path to you. Your love song will be playing and you ask her hand. Surprise guaranteed.
4. Use your rooftop
Plan ahead a Valentines Day party at your place, let the guests and family members came in and somewhere in the middle of the party suggest to go all together to check your rooftop as you have a great view. As you come upstairs your proposal planner will already decorate the rooftop with candles and string lights, you propose and then celebrate the engagement with the happy family and friends.
5. Live Band Performance
Tell your girlfriend, that your friend invited you for a nice evening band performance. When you arrive at the location the band will be warming up and start to interact with you. They will suggest to sing you a song and that would be your love song. As they start to perform, you propose. Just imagine her surprise to realize that everything was planned just for her.
We hope you find our Valentines Day proposal tips useful and if you will use it, let us know. We would love to hear about your proposal experience.
And the most important thing, don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture your special moment.
Tatiana Caicedo