The view is always playing an important role in the planning of the perfect proposal. New York is famous for its breath-taking skyscrapers scenery and sometimes you might be living in a building which has an outstanding terrace. So, how could you plan a proposal there?
  • First of all, you need to make sure you can secure the space for your event. Usually, the building manager is responsible for this kind of thing, so contact him first. You need to find out if you can have a rooftop private just for you two or at least close some part of the terrace. We recently had a proposal on a rooftop, where building tenants were sunbathing while we had a marriage proposal. It was not romantic, but little intimidating. So make sure you can have the place for yourself or if not consider renting a private rooftop ( we have around 10 beautiful private spaces in the city, which is completely private and has a stunning view)
  • After you secure the space make sure that it will be cleaned and if it has any furniture on a rooftop it will be taken away. You don’t want to propose between the chairs or next to the trash bin, so just make a note for the person in charge. It is important as it will help to navigate the mood of the event. When we do proposals on our private rooftops, we make sure that space is clean and presentable, this is the day she will remember forever, make sure it’s worth it.
  • Now when we have a clean private rooftop its time to think of decorations. She has probably been on this rooftop so many times and saw the view so you won’t surprise with that. The best option to make a familiar place to look new and interesting is to place some outstanding decorations. We would recommend the gigantic ” Marry Me?” sign, it will bring that ” wow” factor. Also for the summer proposals use more flowers as it will bring more colors to the picture.
  • Cover. So this is probably the hardest part as you need to convince your partner to dress up nicely and come to the rooftop. Also, it needs to be a surprise, so you need to come up with something believable. The best way will be to ask the building management to send you the ” tenants meeting” email. So that she will think it is mandatory to show up and it won’t bring any suspicious.
  •  Photographer. After you did all the preparations you need to be sure the event will be well documented. The professional photographer will make sure that you will have the pictures you will be proud to show. Our talented photographer is doing the paparazzi style pictures at first, so she doesn’t know there is someone else on a rooftop and after you get on one knee he will come closer and do more obvious pictures. Stunning pictures guaranteed.
We hope you will find this information useful, but keep in mind that if you proposing on your rooftop you are responsible for the logistics of the event. it might be stressful and time-consuming so we would recommend you to consider the private rooftop rental, where all you need to do is just to show up and enjoy the moment. If you planning to propose this summer and don’t know where to start, contact us now at or call  +1(929) 376-9736
and our experienced team will help you to create the unforgettable marriage experience.