Summer is almost here and its hight time to start planning your unforgettable engagement. New York is always a perfect destination for a surprise proposal and what can be better than to share this city experience with your family. In general, friends and family are always hard to keep the surprise, because they are all very excited about the new family creation, but they also the best company you can ask for. So how can you propose on a private rooftop and incorporate the family into it?

  • Let them have a family trip and make a surprise appearance.   This is our most favorite type of proposal when the family is having a scheduled trip to New York and doing all of the touristic activities. And after a full day of sightseeing, they are going to the rooftop bar to see the Empire State Building. They entering a rooftop and instead of the bar, there is a beautifully decorated space with candles and flowers appeared. And that’s when you propose. From our experience, the girl is always in shock and can’t believe her family was playing along the whole time. And, of course, its always fun to celebrate the engagement altogether, sharing the planning stories while drinking the champagne.
  • Incorporate family into the proposal. This is perfect when you live in a city and your whole family lives nearby. Tell your partner that you going for a fancy dinner date and bring her to the rooftop. When she enters the terrace, she will see her whole family holding the ” WILL YOU MARRY ME?” sign. It is a very sweet and emotional proposal. Don’t forget to have a professional photographer, who will do a killer pictures on this special occasion.


  • Do a scavenger hunt. This is our favorite spring activity and its very fun to do it with the family. We make a scavenger hunt based on your relationship and at every spot, she will meet her family member who will give her the next clue. The last clue will bring her to the rooftop, where all her family will be waiting for her. This is a very thoughtful and fun way to give her the quality family time and at the same time to have a memorable time altogether.


  • Livestream. In the age of high technology, it is very easy to connect with people from all over the world by the internet. You might want to have an intimate and very private moment with your partner, but at the same time you know she would love to share it with her family. Imagine proposing on a private rooftop with the best view you can only imagine and live stream it to her family.  We set the youtube account for you in advance, so that you can share the link with the family. At the pre-arranged time we will translate the video live to the account so that all her family can witness the magic from their homes.


  • Use a family event as a cover. Probably the easiest way to gather all the family members in one place and not make it look suspicious is by using the ” Family Reunion”, ” Wedding Anniversary” or any family activity as a cover. Just imagine, when she will be planning her parent’s wedding anniversary evening, you plan your surprise engagement. You can even go venue shopping together and she won’t have any clue that there is something planned for her. So, on one of those ” venue stops,’ you bring her to the private rooftop, where flowers and candles will be placed and you propose with the city view on your background. Unforgettable surprise guaranteed!


If you are planning to propose on a rooftop in New York, but don’t know where to start, contact us directly at or +1(929) 376-9736 and we will help you to choose the right venue and make your proposal unforgettable.