How to choose the right size of “Marry Me” sign for your proposal?

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when you are planning a stunning marriage proposal. Such as:

  • Privacy
    It is always better to choose a private venue for a marriage proposal as it will give you more freedom for creativity. You can decorate the place in any way you like, invite friends and family, and be sure your partner feels comfortable showing her emotions.
  • Make it all about your partner
    This is a perfect opportunity to show your partner how well you know them. Include her favorite song into the proposal, the flowers that she likes, and a secret photographer to take pictures. Girls love to see the effort and thoughtfulness.
  • “Will You Marry Me?” sign
    We all saw those pictures of beautiful flower arches or exotic decorations, but these settings can be done for any event such as a baby shower, bachelor party, anniversary, and wedding. It is something about the “Will you marry me?” or “Marry me?” signs that can be done only once in your life and this makes it very special. So we truly believe that your marriage proposal has to have a “will you marry me?” sign of any kind.

As a company that is specializing in marriage proposals, we have a wide variety of different sign options, and here are some tips on how to choose the perfect “Marry Me?” sign.

  1. Small 10 inch Led “Marry Me” sign

    This sign would be too small to stand by itself, but will absolutely work as a part of the decorations on a smaller rooftop. For example, if you choose a “Classic rooftop” and add a champagne table to your proposal, this sign would look absolutely stunning as a part of the decor.

  2. Red Led “Marry Me?” sign

    This sign is big enough to stand on its own but would look absolutely fabulous with the red roses in a heart and led candles. It is also a perfect option for daytime proposals. You can use it on any type of rooftop.

    "Marry Me" sign by RooftopProposal

  3. White 2 ft “Will you marry me?”, “Marry Me?” letters

    Those letters are rather large and would work on small or large terraces. They will look the best in the combination with led candles or flower heart. Also, the perfect daytime option. Those letters need support, so our ‘sparkling rooftop’ or ‘penthouse’ would be the best rooftop choices.

  4. White 3 ft Led “Marry Me” letters

    This sign is the most popular option for a stunning marriage proposal. Works perfect on small and large terraces and can be used for daytime proposals or for a more dramatic effect in the evening. These letters are large enough to make the statement but not too intimidating.This sign can stand on its own or be a part of the decor, combined with flowers and candles. This is also a perfect option for the hotel room makeover, when the sign is illuminated the room full of balloons and flowers.

  5. White 5 ft Led “Marry Me” letters

    A new trend of 2022, these huge letters are tricky to use. Being very tall, they need to be placed on larger rooftops, so that the photographer has enough space to get the full sign in one frame. Also, those letters are very light and need additional support, otherwise, the letters are falling down from the wind. And couples always look smaller, when they are posing next to those large letters. The best way to use those letters will be on larger terraces or outside.

  6. “Will you marry me?” banner

    This is a perfect option for a rooftop proposal as you can hang the banner across the rooftop or place it next to the wall. Probably better to use during the day or on the terraces that have additional lighting. Also, this is the most customized option, as you can add your partner name or some additional phrases.


We hope that this article will help you to choose the right sign for your marriage proposal, but if you are still not sure of what to choose, contact us at and our experienced team will help you to plan the proposal of her/his dreams.