Why private rooftops will be on high demand after the quarantine?

There is nothing like getting engaged on a private rooftop in New York. The skyline views and busy city underneath you makes this marriage proposal very thrilling and exciting.


We truly believe that after the lockdown, when things will get back to normal, people will still be looking for the less crowded proposal options. And what can be more private than space with no other people except you two?

When you considering all the private proposal ideas in New York, a private rooftop is always one of the options, and here is why:

  1. It is a unique venue and unique experience for both of you. Unlike proposing in a restaurant or at the park, where tons of proposals were made before you,  a private rooftop always brings that feeling of excitement.
  2. Privacy. After the quarantine we guaranteed you don’t want to be among the people and a private rooftop gives you that opportunity to propose in intimate surroundings without dealing with other people. Usually, our couples don’t need any assistance in getting to the building, so they are on their own at the rooftop.
  3. Personalization. The main benefit of the private venue, except privacy, is that you can decorate the space as you wish. All of our rooftops are rented empty, so it is up to you to decide what you want to have there. Led candles, rose petals, and Marry Me signs are just the basic examples of what can be added to the rooftop, but there is no limit of possibilities.
  4. Views. A private rooftop proposal is a perfect opportunity to see the city from above. Most of our rooftops have the iconic views of the Empire State Building,  the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.
  5. As many clients had to postpone their marriage proposals due to the quarantine we are expecting high demand on the private rooftops after the lockdown. Also, those clients who proposed at home on quarantine would be looking for romantic ways to celebrate the engagement, so again private rooftop will be a perfect option.
If you are planning to propose after the quarantine, this is the right time to start planning your marriage proposal. The key to a successful marriage proposal is organization. Together we will choose the best rooftop for your engagement and work on the ” cover story” and decorations. Contact us now info@rooftopproposal.nyc and let’s start planning now.