Gigantic “Marry Me” Sign Decorations For You Private Rooftop Proposal

This summer we learned that size does matter and if you really want to get that ‘WOW” factor, the 3 feet tall Marry Me sign is definitely the way to go. Here is all you need to know about the gigantic marquee sign.


1. ‘ Wow’ factor guaranteed 
This sign is absolutely amazing.  You just can’t miss it and it is the first thing you will see when you enter the rooftop.
2. You don’t need any other decorations 
This sign looks great on its own and doesn’t require any other props or decorations. So you are actually saving money on a design by ordering only one thing, instead of may others.
3. You can use it at night 
This sign has the lights that are glowing at night, so it is perfect for both daytime and night time proposals. Also, great idea to use it on sunset when you don’t need the lights first, but can turn them on after it gets dar and gets an absolutely different feeling.
4. Looks great on the pictures 
This is a perfect backdrop for the pictures. You can pose by the sign or sit on the letters, in any case, the pictures will look great and catchy.
5. It transforms the place
Even if you want to propose on your own rooftop, where you and your partner watch the sunset 100 times, the place will look absolutely different with the decorations. It completely transforms the ordinary place into something new and fresh.
6. Availability 
We own the sign, so it can be delivered and installed within the hours. You don’t need to plan it months ahead and stress out if it will be delivered on time. If you are in NY, we will deliver it as soon as you request it.


1. Size 
It is a big sign and it is heavy, so it might not fit on your backyard or your building rooftop. That is why we are suggesting to use our private rooftops as we know the venues and we know where it gonna fit and how to transport it.
2. Outlets 
The sign requires the electric outlets, so if you planning to use it at your space/ home make sure you keep it in mind, otherwise, again we will recommend using our private venues, that are equipped with everything you need.
3. Photography 
You need to have a photographer who will know how to photograph the broad picture. The sign is big and broad and with the wrong equipment, you will never get the whole picture in one frame. So use our professional photographer, who knows how to deliver the best results and which equipment to use in order to get that killer shot.
4. Delivery 
If you renting a big sign from the rental companies, they most likely will charge you the shipping fee plus there should be at least 2-3 people on sight who will deliver the boxes to the rooftop/ other location. And it will cost you at least $400 extra. We don’t charge that fee as we own the sign and deliver it ourselves.
If you planning to propose this season and know that your girlfriend would love to have an extravagant marriage proposal, look no further. Contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to plan and organize the most amazing day of your life.