Pros and Cons of the Restaurant Rooftop Proposal.

The rooftop season is officially at its bloom and this is the busiest time for the rooftop bars and restaurants in the city. We have this question a lot, why should I rent a private rooftop if I can propose at the rooftop bar with no cost. So here are some pros and cons of the rooftop bar proposals.


1. Location
That is true that most popular restaurants and bars have prime locations. You can enjoy a stunning view, crafty cocktails, and hip ambulance. The most popular bars even offers a private dining room for a small group, where you can have your private space and enjoy a nice dinner with your friends.
2. Food and drinks
Probably the main “pros” of the public rooftop proposal will be the fact that they served food and drinks and you can celebrate with the delicious meal after the proposal. You can also surprise your partner with the desert proposal, that will be unexpected and fun.
3. People
Usually, for the public rooftops, there is no guest minimum, so you can invite all your friends and family for the celebration. The bar can close half of the area for your party, where you can mingle and share the proposal story.
4. No time limit
When you proposing at the rooftop restaurant or bar, there no strict time limit for your celebration. The party can stay as long as they want and you can always leave early or later. Unlike, the private rooftops that have an hour rooftop rental.
5. Cost
Most of the bars are asking to buy food and drinks for the party, but won’t charge you the rooftop rental cost. This might save you a couple of bucks, but keep in mind that with the drinks and food, taxes and tips its probably will be the same price.


1. Privacy
It goes without saying that when you proposing on a public rooftop there is no privacy there at all. Most likely the other bar guests will be sitting around with their phones pointed at you. When you choosing a private rooftop, it is only you two and maybe close family members. But there won’t be any strangers recording you on their phones or making comments about your proposal. On a private rooftop, you will have a more intimate, special moment that you and your partner will remember for years.
2. Individuality
When you choosing a bar or restaurant rooftop you can not do what you want there. Space won’t allow you to decorate the area or remove the furniture from the terrace. When you proposing on a private rooftop you can be as creative as you want to be. There are no limits on your individuality. You can decorate the area with her favorite flowers, or cover the floor in rose petals and candles. Unfortunately, with the public rooftop, you will have to take the roof as it is, without any personal touch.
3. Food and Drinks
You can bring your food and drinks on a private rooftop as space won’t charge you extra for that. Maybe your mom is a great cook or you have a special champagne bottle you want to open on your big day. The bar’s rooftops won’t allow you to bring outside alcohol and food or will charge you extra for that. It has to do with the restaurant health department violations and responsibilities. Plus, this is the main reason why they will rent you a space for free so that they can make a profit on the food and drinks.
4. Photography
If you planning to hire a photographer to document your special day, you definitely need a private space. As I mentioned earlier, the public space won’t clear the furniture and you will end up proposing between the chairs, which is not looking great on pictures. Plus, people around you might be intimidating and you and your partner won’t be able to relax and pose for the photographer.
When on a private rooftop, space is more cleared and decorated in order to provide good scenery for the pictures. Since it’s only you two and a photographer, you will feel freer to pose and look silly on a picture.
5. Emotions
Marriage Proposal is definitely a big step in any relations and it is absolutely normal when one of the partners cry and shows his emotions. It is personal and sentimental and you want to feel free to express yourself at that moment. Private space gives you that opportunity. No one will shame you for crying, or make your pictures and post it online. To my mind this is one of the most important aspects of a marriage proposal, to be free to express your feelings. And for that, you absolutely need to have a private rooftop.
We hope you find our ” pros” and “cons” helpful and in no matter what you decided to do, our experienced team if here to help you out. We love our private rooftop proposals and we are looking forward to creating an unforgettable marriage experience for you and your partner.
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