Everything you should know about rooftop proposal in NYC 

Everything you should know about rooftop proposal in NYC

New York City is the perfect place for a surprise marriage proposal. Only here you can find world-famous skyscrapers and cute little townhouses in the same neighborhood. Pop culture made this city and its main attractions known all over the world. You can not imagine traveling to New York and not visiting the world-famous Central Park or walking through the Brooklyn Bridge or not catching a broadway show at Times Square. And of course, the best way to explore the city is from above, the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock Observation deck is the most popular proposal location in New York. And as much as we admire those skyscrapers, we love to have them in our background, but not actually to be on them. Every year more than one million tourists are visiting New York and keeping that in mind, it is getting very hard to have a romantic proposal on the open to public observation terraces. We truly believe that the best way to surprise your partner with the marriage proposal is by proposing on a private rooftop.

What are the best proposal places in NYC?

When you go through the NYC proposal ideas, think of what view you would like to have on your pictures. Do you want to have an Empire State Building view or the Brooklyn Bridge View, maybe the Central Park or Hudson River or maybe you just want to have a broad Manhattan skyline with no specific building in the picture. Knowing that will narrow your choices and will be a great help in the rooftop searching. We highly recommend hiring a proposal planner, who will plan and organize your engagement. They know all the best places where to propose in NYC and usually have a list of private places for proposals. We have more than 20 different rooftops in New York which have views of the signature buildings and luxury penthouses with breathtaking skylines. From the experience, the best private places to propose in NYC will be rooftops located by the Empire State Building. There just something truly magical to walk into a terrace and have this signature building right in front of you with all its lights glowing just for you. 

What are the benefits of a private rooftop proposal in NYC?

First of all, it is privacy. When you choose to propose on a private rooftop you can be sure that there will be no one else on a terrace except the two of you. When you go through the private proposal ideas with your planner you can incorporate as many personal items as you wish. For example, you can have a musician, who will be playing the love song of your choice or you can play a premade video on the projector. We love to use pictures and your partner’s favorite flowers for decorations as well. Also, don’t forget about proposal photography. When you proposing in a private setting it is much easier to pose for the camera as you don’t need to worry about strangers looking at you. You will be concentrated more on your partner and can be as emotional as you want. We saw it many times when couples get engaged in a park and there was a crowd of people taking videos and pictures of that personal moment and the couple were overwhelmed by the attention and couldn’t really relax and enjoy that precious moment. That is why the new york rooftop proposal is the go-to way to surprise your partner and actually enjoy this moment together. Also, you can have a celebratory champagne toast when you proposing on a private rooftop as it is illegal to drink in a park and you can actually get a fine for that. 

Sometimes our clients invite their friends and family for the proposal and it is always fun to see the family together in a private setting. People might cry and not be afraid to be judged by the by-passers. 

When can you propose on a private rooftop?

We do rooftop proposals year-round, so any season can work. Of course, keep in mind that during the winter months it is cold outside and most of the rooftops don’t have covers, so you need to dress up warm. But in case you really scared of the cold, but still want to propose on a rooftop, we have a couple of rooftops with the inside room as well. So that you have a private room and an outside terrace. During the spring and summer, it might be raining and as some of the terraces have little rain covers, most of the venues don’t have it. So if it is raining on your proposal, don’t be scared and just dress properly and bring an umbrella. The rain actually looks fantastic on the pictures, so no need to worry about it. Also, many clients are asking us when is the best time to propose during the day and of course, it will depend on the pictures you want to have. During the day, colors are colorful and you can have those fun and cheerful shots. The best time in terms of lightning will be early morning or sunset. That’s when you can have both the daytime and the night time pictures. After sunset, it is more romantic shots as the lights are popping out and the photographer can be more creative with the lightning. 

How to bring your partner on a private rooftop without giving out the surprise?

When you are planning a new york rooftop proposal you need to think of the cover story in order to keep the surprise. Usually, we tell our clients not to lie too much and keep the cover simple and believable. YOu can tell your partner that you are going to a new rooftop bar or a restaurant, a speakeasy place or a work event. When you come up with the story try to make it believable. For example, we had a client who told his girlfriend they were going to a closed Tylor Swift album release party. Somehow the girl was a bit disappointed that it was just a proposal. Also, your friends and family can help and “invite” the two of you for a party. In this case, they will be responsible for the lie and you don’t need to worry to keep the story straight.

If you are planning to propose in New York, but don’t know where to start, contact us now info@rooftopproposal.nyc and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable rooftop marriage proposal experience. New York private rooftop experience is waiting for you.