Rooftops with the Empire State View

Empire State Building is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Its name is derived from ” Empire State”, the nickname of New York. As of 2017, the building is the 5th- tallest completed skyscraper in the United States and the 28th – tallest in the world. So yes, The Empire State Building is an iconic NYC skyscraper known all over the world.
When you planning your proposal in Big Apple, you what this magnificent building to be on the pictures. This is something that makes New York, New York.
Here is a little guide on how to choose the rooftop with the Empire State Building View.

1. Have the view in mind

Basically, the Empire State Building can be seen from anywhere in the city and then it is more the matter of what view do you want to have on the background. It can be a city view with the Empire State and the other buildings. For example, “Midtown Sunset” rooftop is ideal for those couples who want to see the whole beauty of the city. This rooftop has a magnificent view of the Hudson River, Freedom Tower, and the Empire State Building. Perfect for the sunset and night proposals as you can see the city in lights.

2. The closer view and more intimate rooftops

Rooftops like ” Sparkling Midtown” and ” Empire State Building view” has a direct view to the Empire State Building, it is literally right above you. Those rooftops have more intimate set up and ideal for “dinner and bar” covers. You can enjoy the beauty of the lights from the first row. Those rooftops look amazing on the pictures.

3. Classic View

” Classic Empire State Building” Rooftop terrace is your ideal spot for that perfect shot. The terrace has a direct view of the Empire State Building, it is not too close not that far. The terrace has classic columns and lots of green trees, that looks perfect in the pictures. Also, the terrace has an inside room with the fireplace, which can be used in bad weather or snowy days. Ideal for sophisticated proposals and small, intimate weddings.

4. Daytime View

Daytime proposals are fun and you can actually see the city. Empire State Building looks amazing during the day, so if you had a plan to propose in a morning or during the day, go for it. Also, daytime is perfect for detailed decorations. Maybe you want to print pictures of you two and place them on the roof or make her favorite flowers arrangements.
“Funky Rooftop” might be your perfect choice. That place has a broad city view. There are also iconic water tanks in there, so its a very New Yorkish place.

5. Penthouse with the view

This is perfect for a romantic getaway proposal. The luxury penthouse will be at your exclusive use with the huge terrace overlooking the Midtown Manhattan. Enjoy the sparkling city and chill champagne. You will have an Empire State Building view with a city skyline.
This place is perfect for couples who want to escape the busy city and enjoy time together.

We hope this guide will help you to choose the perfect rooftop for your unforgettable proposal.
If you are planning to propose on a private rooftop, but have no idea where to start, contact us now as our experienced team will help you to create the proposal of your dreams.

Tatiana Caicedo